The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi
Games of the XXII Olympiad - February 7 to February 23
Paralympic Winter Games - March 7 to March 16

2014 Winter Games Events Schedule
Sports events
* Alpine Skiing * Biathlon * Bobsled * Cross-Country * Curling * Figure Skating * Freestyle Skiing * Ice Hockey
* Luge * Nordic Combined * Short Track * Skeleton * Ski Jumping * Snowboarding * Speed Skatin
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US team medals Gold    Silver  BronzeTotal
2014 Games in Sochi  2014 Medals (Pictures)971228
2010 Games in Vancouver  2010 Medals (Pictures)9151337
2006 Games in Torino  2006 Medals (Pictures)99725
2002 Games in Salt Lake City  2002 Medals (Pictures)10131134

At Long Last, Female Ski Jumpers can go for Olympic Gold - For years they watched the boys they had trained with since they were 5 and 6 years jump, and they were always on the sidelines.
Women & the Winter Olympics
Women athletes could compete in only figure skating until 1948. At 2014 the Winter Olympics, women will compete in 14 sports.
20 Hottest Female Athletes competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Scantily clad Russian Olympians are making us uncomfortable
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Sports the US medaled in last time out

- (2002) 7(2006) 5(2010)
There are eight snowboarding events on the program for the Sochi Games, including men's and women's halfpipe, men's and women's parallel giant slalom, men's and women's parallel slalom, and men's and women's snowboardcross.
14 Things to know about Snowboarding.
Meet the U.S. Olympic Snowboarding Team.


Short track - (2002) 3(2006) 6(2010)
Short track is a type of speed skating in which the athletes compete to cover a 111.12 meter oval ice track as quickly as possible. The Olympic races include 500m, 1000m, and 1500m races (for both men and ladies), and relay races at 3000m (ladies) and 5000m (men). Eight sets of medals are awarded.
Short track speed skating was officially introduced to the Olympic programme at the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville.
5 Things to know about Speedskating, Short Track.
Photos - US short track team training.

Speed Skating - (2002) 7(2006) 4(2010)
There are 12 speed skating events on the 2010 Olympic program, six for men and six for women. Men: 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 5000m, 10,000m and team pursuit Women: 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m and team pursuit.


Figure skating - (2002) 2(2006) 2(2010)
What to look for in Figure Skating and how is it judged? Check out the colorful IJS Handbook for a guide.
Inside the Road to 2014 Sochi Olympics for the US Women's Figure Skating Team.


Alpine skiing - (2002) 2(2006) 8(2010)

U.S. Teen Mikaela Shiffrin Wins Bormio Slalom with Olympics a month away.
The United States Ski Team
- Photos, info and results.
Women’s ski jumpers ready to prove their Olympic mettle. Women’s ski jumping will make its Olympic debut on Feb. 11.
2014 Winter Olympic Alpine Skiing predictions.
Alpine -Ski Racing Magazine.
Images for the USAlpine skiing team.

Bobsled - (2002) 1(2006) 2(2010)

From Blocking Sled to Bobsled for Football Players - Nearly all converted football players are bobsled pushers, who thrust the sled down the hill as fast as they can at the start of the race before hopping in. Their frames are nearly uniform - around 6 feet 2, 220 pounds. "We can't get the real big guys," US bobsled coach Bill Tavares said. "They just won't fit in the sled."
Lolo Jones, a two-time track-and-field Olympian, becomes just one of ten Americans who have competed in both the Summer and Winter Games.
Images for the US bobsled team.

Ice Hockey - (2002) 1(2006) 2(2010)

Wikipedia - US men's national ice hockey team.
John Carlson was one of eight defensemen named to the 2014 U.S. Olympic team.
Hockey guide for 2014 Sochi Olympics: As NHL breaks, pros head to Russia.


Nordic combined - (2002) 4(2010)
Nordic Combined individual events have been part of the Olympic program since the first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix in 1924.
Latest News for Nordic combined.

Freestyle skiing - (2002) 1(2006) 4(2010)

Freestyle skiing will be held at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park near Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. Ten events are scheduled.
Maggie Voisin, the youngest member of the US Winter Olympics team, has predicted "some surprises" in the women's slopestyle competition.
Latest News for Freestyle skiing.
Images for the US Freestyle skiing team.

How the US team did in the 2010 Games in Vancouver, Canada
Alpine skiing2338
Nordic combined1304
Speed Skating1214
Freestyle skiing1124
Figure skating1102
Short track0246
Ice Hockey0202